The foundation of our curriculum will be derived from Character Counts, a student development framework. When fully implemented, this program has the ability to improve academic achievement, reduce misbehavior and crime, increase school attendance, and improve the entire school climate. (https://charactercounts.org/program-overview/six-pillars/). We will learn and apply the Six Pillars of Character throughout the duration of our program in addition to covering social and cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.

Six Pillars of Character:
1. Trustworthiness
2. Respect
3. Fairness
4. Caring
5. Citizenship
6. Responsibility


Initial outcomes for our young males are expected to include positive changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors with regard to the following: 

  • Educational achievement and attainment (Improve attendance and grades)

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Civic Engagement (Increase participation in extracurricular activities/clubs/after-school programs)

  • Health and Safety (improve and increase awareness)

  • Decrease Risky Behaviors

  • Improved Social and Emotional Development

Intermediate/Long term outcomes for our young males include:

  • Work/Self Sufficiency

    • Absence of poverty

  • Schooling/Educational and Cognitive Attainment

    • Increased knowledge and improvements in reasoning

  • Health and Safety

    • Absence of abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs

    • Improved overall health

  • Risky Behaviors

    • Reductions in risky, violent and criminal behaviors

    • Absence of gang activity

  • Social and Emotional Development

    • Autonomy, responsibility, and competence

    • Moral character

    • Self esteem, self confidence

    • Positive relationships with caring adults

  • Civic Engagement

    • Volunteering and community involvement