Reality Check Mentoring Age Focus

Ages 10-13

Children ages 10-13 will need:

  • Reassurance and acceptance are especially important at this time, as is growth in school and community activities

  • Strong support will help them develop the confidence they need to make healthy choices

  • Many are strongly influenced by friends

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Ages 14-17

Children ages 14-17 will need to:

  • Attain cognitive maturity—the ability to make decisions based on knowledge of options and their consequences

  • Continue to be influenced by peers (The power of peer pressure lessens after early adolescence)

  • Build skills to become self-sufficient

  • Have the capacity to develop long-lasting, mutual, and healthy relationships, if they have the foundations for this development—trust, positive past experiences, and an understanding of love

  • Understand their own feelings and have the ability to analyze why they feel a certain way

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